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Francine grew up in a serene part of the Ottawa Valley. Supported by a father who loved art she was encouraged to pursue dance, music and painting at an early age. An unexpected relocation to Vancouver over two decades ago fostered a renewed interest in the visual arts, using the camera as a tool.

Her work explores the use of photography as a means to create rather than to document. She attempts to fuse reality with the imagined.

Vignettes of larger scenes are most often the focus of her photographs. Characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity, images make considerable use of negative space. She also draws on a minimum amount of colour and content. This often leaves interpretation and meaning to the viewer's perception of her work, one of the greatest achievements of minimalism.

Digital intervention plays an important role in arriving at the final print. It allows her to massage, enhance, mold and transform the image in a style that has often been described as painterly. It is an extension of her vision. Calculated cropping, a critical part of the process, creates both energy and visual tension.

Driven by a passion for experimentation and in her quest for new and different styles, Francine will continue to actively study other art forms and incorporate them into her work.


In this selection of photographs, children engaged in playful moments and adults lost in thought represent a recurring theme.  Her images often portray a surreal quality, as if capturing loosely rendered moments in time, a fleeting glimpse of what is to become the past. In her subjects, she tries to embody distance, beauty and mystery.


The ever-growing  beauty in decay inspired these photographic abstractions.  Rusting metal surfaces and peeling paint on old railway cars and buildings lend themselves well to an emphasis on texture, composition and color.  Image titles are carefully selected to reflect the tonality within.  Unlike the other pieces this body of work has minimal post-processing.


This series is timely in light of the current activity directed at animal welfare, rights and sentience.  In capturing her subjects, she tries to sense their unique personalities, their fragility and grace.  Most images are challenging in part because of the unpredictability of their movements. This is partially resolved by allowing animals to adapt to her presence.  Their curiosity is aroused which allows her to capture their essence more readily. 


The beauty and perfection of flowers can be interpreted in many ways.  Their reality finds its way into the composition as it becomes an artistic expression of what is seen through the lens.  In an attempt to capture their essence, focus is usually maintained at a bare minimum. 


Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, Toronto, ON


2015  West Vancouver City Hall, West Vancouver, BC

2007  Hycroft Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2004  Blackberry Gallery, Port Moody, BC

2003  Waterfront Gallery, Vancouver, BC


2020  Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver, BC

2017  Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver, BC

2017  Harmony Arts Festival, West Vancouver, BC

2017  Seymour Art Gallery (3 exhibits), North Vancouver, BC

2017  Beaumont Studios, Vancouver, BC

2016  Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC

2014  Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver, BC

2012  Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver, BC

2010  Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver, BC

2007  Silk Purse Arts Centre, West Vancouver, BC

2004  Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver, BC

2003  Cityscape Gallery, North Vancouver, BC

2003  North Vancouver District Municipal Hall, North Vancouver, BC

2003  Alberta Center for the Visual Arts, Edmonton, AB


2008  Feast in the Village Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC

2003  Bel Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC

2003  Casa Gallery, Vancouver, BC


2018-2020  Silk Purse Arts Centre, The Art Box, West Vancouver, BC

2010  Hunted Productions, movie set rental for A Trusted Man, Vancouver, BC

2007  Secrecy Pictures, movie set rental for Betrayal, Vancouver, BC

2003  Fifth Avenue Cinemas, solo s-2020creen preview, Vancouver, BC

2003  CBC-Radio Canada, interview, Edmonton, AB

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